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Do not use this company for importing private shipments. I am importing my goods from Bangkok to Glasgow.Total value of goods is approx £150 and about 117 kg.Goods are packed and loaded onto ship in Thailand which we paid the export company for.Everything fine so far.ship arrives in the UK Cardinal Maritime take over,problems start.

1 St invoice arrives £414.27

Terminal handling £60

Documentation £82

Temp ROE Differential £15.39

Origin handling £116.88 Scam 1(already paid export company)

Customs clearance £140

2 ND Invoice arrives £109

VAT £64 Scam 2 why £64 I ask,answer you have to pay VAT on charges £90 per gross tonne plus £80 base rate,so tax on charges and Vat on goods.

£45 on using their deferment account Scam 3

This is a free account so why the charge.

OK so I pay these invoices now just deliver my goods.

I wait for delivery email,nothing for a week then the owe us £350 for rent.

So now I am well pissed off and still no goods.

I did everything I was asked to do in the 5 free days you get for storage.

Scam 4 They keep your goods for an extra week for no reason apart from scamming you for rent.I am still waiting for an answer and still no goods.So my advice is to check your export company not using this agent in the UK.STAY WELL CLEAR.

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